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Fast-track your contraction projects. Learn more about us.

Freedom Code Compliance is a team of innovators and licensed Building Code professionals with decades of experience in construction and technology. Our team includes Plans Examiners and Inspectors who service all construction projects, as well as Florida construction business owners, tech innovators from Fortune 500 companies, and Marine Corps veterans.

We're a team of innovators, taking the burden of compliance off your plate.

Freedom Code Compliance Florida Private Provider
Freedom Code Compliance Florida Private Provider
Freedom Code Compliance Florida Private Provider
Freedom Code Compliance for Florida Contractors

Freedom Code Compliance was founded by a group of passionate and dedicated professionals with diverse backgrounds and experiences, all sharing a common goal: revolutionizing the construction industry by providing innovative solutions to its challenges. Our CEO and Marine Corps veteran, Josh Barry, is a contractor and construction entrepreneur with an innate ability to lead and drive the company's vision. Doug Mustapick, a Marine Corps veteran with Lean Six Sigma and business development experience, is instrumental in streamlining our processes and driving business growth.

Our history.

We aim to offer construction businesses across Florida access to affordable, private solutions to compensate for Building Departments' shortcomings. We are introducing a fresh approach to managing the entire process of dealing with a building department to complete a project, relieving business owners and operators of this burden and enhancing your operational efficiencies. Our vision is to find new ways to conduct business in the construction industry.

Empowering you by shouldering the compliance load.

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