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The Florida Home Builder Code Compliance Cheat Code: Private Providers

Updated: Apr 22

Florida Private Provider for Home Builders
Freedom Code Compliance: A Florida Private Provider for Home Builders

The home building industry in Florida is witnessing a revolutionary shift, particularly in building inspections and plan reviews. With the advent of private providers, home builders are discovering what can only be described as a 'code compliance cheat code.' This significant change, grounded in Florida's legal framework, particularly FL 553.791, reshapes the industry's landscape. This blog post explores why more and more home builders are turning to private providers like Freedom Code Compliance, delving into the legal foundations and discussing the many benefits these providers offer.

The Shift to Private Providers

The concept of private providers for building inspections and plan reviews marks a significant departure from processes traditionally handled by local building departments. This shift is underpinned by FL 553.791, a pivotal legislation in Florida. It redefines the building permit and inspection process, allowing private entities like Freedom Code Compliance to emerge as key players. These providers offer an alternative that promises compliance with regulations and unmatched efficiency and speed​​​​.

Benefits of Using Private Providers for Building Inspections

One of the key advantages of engaging private providers is the accelerated permit issuance process. FL 553.791 mandates a 20-business day timeframe for permit issuance when a private provider is involved. This stipulation contrasts starkly with the often lengthy and unpredictable traditional process, significantly improving project timelines and efficiency​.

Furthermore, the option of virtual inspections, a service offered by companies like Freedom Code Compliance, introduces a level of convenience and speed previously unseen. This includes inspections for framing and MEPs, which can be conducted virtually through video calls or by submitting pictures online. The inspection process has become more streamlined than ever, enhancing the convenience and efficiency of the inspection process​​.

Advantages of Private Plan Review Services

Private plan review services offered by private providers streamline the permit process by removing the responsibility of plan review from the building department. This allows for a direct transition from zoning to final review, effectively bypassing the plan review queue. This expedited process significantly reduces the time spent in the plan review phase, illustrating the efficiency of using private providers​​​​.


The rise of private providers like Freedom Code Compliance in the home building industry in Florida is more than just a trend; it represents a significant evolution in the field. The legal framework established by FL 553.791 has paved the way for entities like Freedom Code Compliance to offer efficient, streamlined services that markedly benefit home builders. This shift is not merely a convenience but a strategic advantage in an industry where time and efficiency are of the essence. The future of home building inspections and plan reviews seems poised to be dominated by private providers, a change that promises to bring continued efficiency and innovation to the industry.


The full details of Florida Statute 553.791 can be found on the official website of the Florida Senate at these links: Chapter 553 Section 791 - 2003 Florida Statutes, Chapter 553 Section 791 - 2023 Florida Statutes, and Chapter 553 Section 791 - 2020 Florida Statutes. This statute provides a comprehensive legal framework that facilitates the use of private providers in Florida's building inspection and plan review process, offering an efficient alternative to traditional methods handled by local building departments.


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