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Private Provider vs. Building Department: What to Know

Updated: Apr 22

In the ever-evolving landscape of construction in Florida, contractors constantly seek methods to streamline their processes, reduce waiting times, and efficiently navigate the regulatory environment. A significant development in this realm has been the rise of Private Providers – a concept changing how permits and inspections are handled. But how do they stack up against traditional building departments? This blog aims to shed light on this comparison, helping Florida contractors make informed decisions.

Private Providers are licensed private entities authorized to conduct plan reviews and construction inspections, tasks traditionally handled by municipal building departments.

Understanding the Basics: What Are Private Providers?

Before diving into the comparison, let's establish what Private Providers are. In Florida, Private Providers like Freedom Code Compliance are licensed private entities authorized to conduct plan reviews and construction inspections, tasks traditionally handled by municipal building departments. This dual system offers contractors a choice, but what does each option entail?

Speed and Efficiency:

  • Private Providers: They are known for their speed in processing permits and conducting inspections. Since they operate independently of municipal workload, they often offer quicker turnaround times. A Private Provider can bypass the usual plan review line, moving directly to the final review, which can be a game-changer for tight project schedules.

  • Traditional Building Departments: These departments often have more permits to process, leading to longer wait times. The standard review process is sequential and time-consuming, especially during peak construction.

Convenience and Flexibility:

  • Private Providers: Offering virtual inspections and online submissions, Private Providers bring a level of convenience and flexibility that’s hard to match. This is particularly advantageous for projects with tight deadlines or contractors managing multiple projects simultaneously.

  • Traditional Building Departments: While many have started to embrace digital submissions and online processes, they may still require in-person inspections and physical paperwork, which can be less convenient compared to the streamlined online options of Private Providers.

Expertise and Specialization:

  • Private Providers: Often staffed by experienced industry professionals, Private Providers bring a level of specialization and expertise that can be beneficial, especially for complex projects. Their familiarity with the latest regulations and industry standards can provide added value.

  • Traditional Building Departments: While they also employ qualified professionals, the range of projects they oversee is broader, which might result in less specialization in certain construction areas.

Cost Implications:

  • Private Providers: Although they may seem like an added expense, the cost can be offset by the speed and efficiency they bring, potentially reducing overall project timelines and costs associated with delays.

  • Traditional Building Departments: Typically funded through permit fees, their costs are standardized, but the indirect costs of longer waiting times can add up for contractors.

Compliance and Legal Considerations:

Private Providers and Traditional Building Departments are bound by Florida’s building codes and regulations. However, Private Providers like Freedom Code Compliance might offer an added layer of diligence, given their focused approach.


Choosing between a Private Provider and a Traditional Building Department depends on various factors, including project complexity, timeline, and budget. For those seeking speed, convenience, and specialized expertise, Private Providers like Freedom Code Compliance offer a compelling alternative. However, contractors must weigh these benefits against their specific project needs and preferences.

Florida’s construction industry is dynamic, and the option of Private Providers like Freedom Code Compliance adds an exciting dimension to this landscape. By understanding the differences and strengths of each option, contractors can make choices that best align with their project goals.


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