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Updated: Jan 19

Florida Contractors Are Using Private Providers
Florida Contractors Are Using Private Providers

The construction landscape in Florida has seen a significant shift with the integration of Private Providers into the building and inspection process. For contractors, understanding the legal framework governing these entities is crucial. Therefore, keep reading to learn more about the role of Private Providers like Freedom Code Compliance.

The Role of Private Providers:

In Florida, Private Providers are licensed entities that perform plan reviews and virtual inspections – roles traditionally handled by local government building departments. The enactment of FL 553.791 has been a game-changer, offering contractors an alternative route for these crucial steps in the construction process.

Key Provisions of FL 553.791:

  1. Permit Application Process: The local building department is notified when a contractor opts for a Private Provider. The statute mandates a 20-business-day deadline for the building department to issue the permit or request corrections. If no action is taken within this period, the permit must be issued on the 21st day.

  2. Plan Review Responsibility: If a Private Provider conducts the plan review before the permit submission, this responsibility is shifted away from the building department. Consequently, the permit application bypasses the plan review phase in the municipal process, streamlining the permitting.

  3. Virtual Inspections and Online Submissions: Many inspections under Private Providers can be conducted virtually or through online submissions of photographs, which accelerates the inspection process.

  4. Closing the Permit: After the final inspection and submission of necessary documents by the Private Provider, the building department has limited time to close the permit – 2 days for residential and 10 days for commercial projects.

For a detailed understanding of these provisions and the complete legal text, refer to the entire statute on the Florida Senate website.

Benefits for Contractors:

This legal framework presents several advantages for contractors:

  • Reduced Wait Times: The statutory deadlines can significantly expedite the permitting and inspection processes.

  • Flexibility: The option for virtual inspections and online submissions adds convenience and efficiency.

  • Control Over the Process: Contractors gain more control over the timeline of their projects.

Navigating the Legalities:

While the benefits are clear, contractors must understand and navigate these legalities proficiently. Ensuring that the chosen Private Provider fully complies with state regulations is essential. Additionally, staying informed about any updates to FL 553.791 and other related statutes is crucial for smooth operations.


Integrating Private Providers under FL 553.791 represents a significant evolution in Florida’s construction and building industry. For contractors, this means faster and more efficient processes and requires a thorough understanding of the legal framework. By staying informed and working with compliant and reputable Private Providers, contractors can leverage these regulations to their advantage, ensuring project success and compliance.


Florida Senate Website on Private Providers & FL 553.791:


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